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Hydrocare Industrial Ltd is the sole agent of the well – known manufacturer Bosch Rexroth that offer products and services suitable for an immerse range of applications.   Bosch Rexroth is the brand that is synonymous with tailored made solutions due to the diversified range of products and solutions offered. 
Bosch Rexroth  with the diversified range of products and systems  unclose a large spectrum of applications that can be used in many industries such us marine,  cement, offshore, Oil & Gas, Construction, etc.
Hydrocare Industrial can offer Industrial Hydraulics products such as gears, motors, pumps, power units, large hydraulic cylinders, valves, control blocks, accumulators, filters etc.  In addition, offers Pneumatic products for the marine and offshore industries such as remote control systems, valves, working logic, air preparation, cylinders, pressure regulators etc.