Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is the equipment that allows us to load, move and unload materials.This process, however, must be done in the safest and most economical way. Depending on the weight, volume and movement of material they can be used different forklifts and other related equipments.
It offers material handling equipment and accessories for every type of industrial and commercial application. Whether your requirement is for general purpose counterbalance trucks, warehousing trucks, order picking equipment, very narrow aisle systems or container handling.
Stocks a full range of accessories and attachments which are available and suitable for all makes and ranges of machinery. Hydrocare Industrial Ltd has the materials handling solution to match the specification to your requirements.
  • Special sizes upon request.
  • Tailor – made solutions according to your needs. Material handling equipment with high quality and durable steel construction.
  • Quality – value for money. Most of the products / items are exstock
  • High number of spare parts for all products
  • Material Handling equipment that is simple and easy to use
  • Capability of choices between a great variety of models
Hand Pallet Trucks

    Four Way Pallet Truck

    Model Capacity Min.Fork Height Max.Fork Height Length Width over Forks Net Weight DURPF12S 2000/1200kg  85mm  205mm 1150mm 540mm 75kg DURPF12L

    Galvanized Pallet Trucks

    Model Capacity Min/Max Fork Height Length Width Over Forks Fork Width Net Weight DURPG20S 2000kg 85/205mm 1150mm 540mm 160mm 75kg

    Hand Pallet Truck

    Model Capacity Fork Width Fork Length Weight DURP25 S 2500 Kg 550 mm 1150 mm / 800 mm 78 Kg

    Low Profile Pallet Trucks

    Model Capacity Min.Fork Height  Max.Fork Height Width over Forks Fork Length DURPL20S 2000kg 55mm 170mm 540mm 1150mm DURPL20L 2000kg 55mm

    Stainless Pallet Trucks

    Model Capacity Min/Max Fork Height Length Width Over Forks Fork Width Net Weight DURPS20S 2000kg 85mm 1150mm 540mm 160mm 75kg
    Electric Pallet Trucks

      Electric Pallet Truck

      Model Drive Motor Lift Motor Fork Dim. Fork Spread Lift Battery Truck’s Overall Dim DUREPT 20 0.65kw AC 0.84kw 1150x150mm

      Powered Pallet Truck

      Model Capacity Fork Length Overall Fork Width Traction Battery Controller / Drive motor DURPT15(15) 1500kg 1150mm  520mm 24v/80Ah, 48kg Zapi / Kordel  

      Powered Pallet Trucks

      Model Capacity Fork Length Overall Fork Width Traction Battery Battery Charger Overall Dimension DURE20SA 2000kg 1150mm 530mm 24v/210Ah, 185kg 25A / 24V

        Electric Stacker

        Model Capacity Liſt Height Overall length / width DURLB1229 1250kg  2820mm 1725 x 692 mm DURLB1236 1250Kg 3520mm 1908 x

        Full Electric Stacker

        Model Capacity Max.Fork Height Overall Dimensions DURK1545 1500kg 4500mm 2013x940x2175mm DURS1550 1500kg 4915mm 2170x1040mm DURME1016 1000kg 1530mm 1725x692mm DURLE1229 1200kg

        Hand Stacker

        Model Capacity Max fork height DURSC20-16 2000KG 1600 mm  

        Hand Stacker

        Capacity  Liſting height Max length  when working Min height Min length New weight 80kg 1250mm 700mm 1000mm 310mm 20kg  

        Mini Stacker

        Model Capacity Liſting Height Min.Fork Height Net Weight DURM120 120 kg 1050 mm 95 mm 31 kg  

        Winch Stackers

        Model Capacity Max.Fork Height Fork Width Fork Length Net Weight Overall Size (LxWxH) DURS25 250kg 1560mm 60mm 800mm 140kg 1325x725x2030 mm DURS50 500kg
        Lift Tables

          Double Scissor Lift Table

          Model Capacity Raised Height  Platform Size Base Frame Size DURD1000 1000kg 1780mm 820x1300mm 640x1240mm DURD2000 2000kg 1780mm 850x1300mm 785x1220mm  

          Electric Lift Table

          Model Capacity Table Size Table Height Overall Size DURES100 1000kg 480/950mm 1010x520mm 520x1260mm DURES30D 300kg 495/1600mm 1010/520mm 520x1260mm DURES50D 500kg

          Electric Motorcycle Lift

          Model Max.Capacity Max. / Min. Platform Height Platform Size DURE500 500kg 800mm / 170mm 2200 x 700mm  

          Large Lift Table

          Model Capacity Table Size Table Height Overall Size DURS50LA 500kg 1525x620mm 400/1100mm 620x1780mm DURS50LB 500kg 1200x800mm 370/1190mm 800x1390mm DURS100L 1000kg

          Large Lift Table

          Model Capacity Lowered Height Raised Height Platform Size DURW500L 500kg 200mm 1000mm 800 x 2000mm  

          Lift Table

          Model Capacity Table Size Overall Size DURS15 150kg 700×420 mm 450×90 mm DURS25 250kg 830×500 mm 500×1010 mm DURS50 500kg

          Lift Tables

          Model Capacity Raised Height Platform Size Base Frame Size DURW1001 1000kg 1000mm 820x1300mm 640x1240mm DURW2002 2000kg 1050mm 1000x1600mm 785x1220mm DURW4001

          Stainless High Lift Scissor Trucks

          Model Type Capacity  Min/Max Height Fork Width Fork Length DURS540M Manual 1000kg 85/800mm 540mm 1165mm DURS680M Manual 1000kg 85/800mm 680mm

          Work Positioner

          Model Max.Capacity Table Size Table Height Overall Size DURC21 210kg 830x500mm 360/770mm 1065x500x1100mm DURC40 400kg 1010x520mm 440/800mm 1200x500x1100mm  

            Aluminum Platform Truck

            Model Capacity Platform Size Overall Size DURP150 150kg 750x470mm 750x470x980mm  

            Electric Aluminium Work Platform

            Model DURAP7.5-2000 DURAP9-2000 Capacity (Kg) 200 150 Working Height 9.5mm 11.0m Platform Height 7.5m 9.0m Overall Length 1.5m 1.5m Overall

            Hardwood Platform Truck

            Model Capacity Platform Size Overall Size DURW600A 600kg 1300×600 1300x600x1090mm DURW600B 600kg 1100×600 1100x600x1090mm  

            Mobile Aluminium Work Platform

            Model DURGY6-2000 DURGY8-2000 DURGY10-2000 DURGY12-2000 Capacity (Kg) 300 300 250 200 Working Height 8.0m 10.0m 12.0m 14.0m Platform Height 6.0m
            Order Pickers

              Electric Order Picker

              Model DURZYT3-3.5 DURZYT3-4.0 DURZYT3-4.5 Capacity (Kg) 300 300 300 Working Height 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m Platform Height 3.5m 4.0m 4.5m Overall

              Semi Electric Order Picker

              Model DURDYT2-3.5 DURDYT2-4.0 DURDT2-4.5 Capacity (Kg) 200 200 200 Working Height 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m Platform Height 3.5m 4.0m 4.5m Overall
              Trolleys & Carts

                Hand Truck & Carts

                Model Capacity (kg) External Dimensio Deck Size Caster Type Caster Size DURPN30 300 1200 x 550 550 x 180 Pneumatic

                Platform Trolley

                Model Capacity Platform Size Overall Size Base Frame Size DURH150 150kg 735x480mm 735x475x820mm 640x1240mm DURH300 300kg 910x610mm 910x610x870mm 785x1220mm

                Platform Trolley

                Model Capacity Platform Size DURD1/150 150kg 740x480mm DURD1/250 250kg 910x610mm DURD2/120 120kg 740x480mm DURD3/120 120kg 740x480mm  

                Stainless Platform Trolley

                Model Capacity Platform Size Handle Height DURT2/100 100kg 610x410mm 900mm DURT3/100 100kg 610x410mm 900mm  

                Transport Trolley

                Model Capacity Foot Plate DURR100 100kg 486(W) x 280(D)mm  
                Special Applications

                  Adjustable Skates

                  Model Capacity Tyre of Roller No. of Roller DURM60 6 tonnes nylon 8 pieces DURM120 12 tonnes nylon 12 pieces

                  Complete Skate Kits

                  Model Capacity Length Support Width Support Total Height DURK20 20 tonne 120mm 120mm 108mm DURK30 30 tonne 120mm 120mm 117mm

                  Load Scooter

                  Model Capacity (kg) Wheels (mm) Speed Controlling Dimension (mm) DUR3WEB05S 50 Q Φ200 X 50 Foot-control 1010x213x1100  

                  Low Profile Floor Scale

                  Model Measuring Range  Platform size Height Net Weight DURA1000 1000kg 915×915 mm 70mm 75kg DURA2000A 2000kg 1220×1220 mm 70mm 145kg

                  Machinery Jack

                  Model Lifting Capacity on Top Lifting Capacity on Toe DURB100 7.5 tonne 6 tonne DURB200 15 tonne 12 tonne  

                  Toe Jack

                  Model Capacity Lifting Stroke DURG30 3 tonne 130kg DURG80 8 tonne 140 kg  
                  Drum Truck

                    Hydraulic Drum Truck

                    Model Lifting Capacity Lifting Height DURT250 250kg 345mm  

                    Mobile Karrier HD80A

                    Model Capacity Drum Size Net Weight DURD80A 364kg stell drum 572mm 50kg  

                    Ride on Drum Truck

                    Model Lifting Capacity Max. Drum Height Min. Drum Height DURTR250 250kg 1180mm 910mm
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