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Adjustable Skates

Model Capacity Tyre of Roller No. of Roller DURM60 6 tonnes nylon 8 pieces DURM120 12 tonnes nylon 12 pieces

Complete Skate Kits

Model Capacity Length Support Width Support Total Height DURK20 20 tonne 120mm 120mm 108mm DURK30 30 tonne 120mm 120mm 117mm

Load Scooter

Model Capacity (kg) Wheels (mm) Speed Controlling Dimension (mm) DUR3WEB05S 50 Q Φ200 X 50 Foot-control 1010x213x1100  

Low Profile Floor Scale

Model Measuring Range  Platform size Height Net Weight DURA1000 1000kg 915×915 mm 70mm 75kg DURA2000A 2000kg 1220×1220 mm 70mm 145kg

Machinery Jack

Model Lifting Capacity on Top Lifting Capacity on Toe DURB100 7.5 tonne 6 tonne DURB200 15 tonne 12 tonne  

Toe Jack

Model Capacity Lifting Stroke DURG30 3 tonne 130kg DURG80 8 tonne 140 kg